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    Jan 2, 2013, 09:13 AM
    Juicing for 2013
    Hi Everyone , I am new to juicing and new to this site.
    Happy New Year to all

    Please can anyone help me.
    OK so from what I know from my last physical (Sept 2012) I am pretty much in healthy condition with the exception that I am overweight. No Thyroid issues, no high blood pressure and no diabetes (thank goodness). So my question is I am brand spanking new to juicing. I bought a new blender , an Omega and veggie and fruits and I am ready to go. However yesterday I woke up and made my first Juice/Veggie recipe "The Green Meanie" It wasn't bad tasting, but soon after immediately I would say about 15 to 20 minutes later. I felt light headed nausea and dizzy , then I laid down to rest and about an hour later I got the WORSE headache ever and remained throughout the entire rest of the day. At night about 8 pm I ended up eating something I thought I was going to PASS out so I ate steamed veggies and chicken breast broiled and shrimp steamed with a little bit of salt and a glass of water. I did not sleep well last night I was tossing and turning along with night sweats and shivers and still my splitting headache continued. Now I need to know what happened... OMG is this normal? Has anyone gone through this?. I don't know if I should keep trying this or not?. a while back I tried a 3 day DR oz juice detox and the same thing happened to me immediately after my dinner drink on the first day... headache , nausea, and dizziness.. I felt not good at all... I did read about juicing and the after effects of it and then it says we will eventually feel better... but I wasn't sure so I thought id ask for some advice info or anything at this point.

    Thank you

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