I am very into fitness, but I have really just run up against a wall.

I used to weigh 342lbs about 5 years ago. Over the next 3 years I lost 112lbs and got all the way down to 230. I'm male, 31 yrs old, 6'2.

I had a heart condition called Atrial Fibrillation with brutal symptoms. I went in and had an RF Ablation surgery procedure and that cured me of the Afib. But I developed anxiety and panic attack problems. Since I work out all of the time, I am always getting my heart rate way up which used to make me really nervous because of the condition. The same symptoms exhibited from Afib are that of when you are out of breath and your heart is pounding from exercise. SO my brain must have linked those feelings together.

I was in the gym one day squatting very heavy and for a lot of reps, and had a total panic attack. Since then, whenever I work out I get very gittery. But I still work out and deal with it.

Well, I went to a pscyhiatrist and they put me on Effexor, and told me I would not gain weight, but I ended up gaining 25lbs. I took myself off slowly and told the doctor I would not be back, and that it was ridiculous that now because of that drug, I can't lose weight and I put weight back on.

This was about a year ago now. I have busted my BUTT all year and I have been able to lose about 2lbs on average. So I currently sit at 252 and I can't get any lower, no matter what.

Keep in mind, I am an experienced dieter and exerciser. I used to chart my daily calorie intake (still do) and went back to similar weight and what I was eating, and none of that works for me anymore. I don't get it.

I'm NOT big on pills at all. I let the doctor convince me to take Effexor, and that was my biggest mistake ever. Even since I've been off that drug, I have not been able to lose anything.

So I was reading about Alli, and was wondering if that would even work for me. I tend to eat low fat anyway, maybe 30-40g a day at most. My diet structure is usually 40/20/20 or even 50/30/10. Would that product work for me even though I eat low fat anyway? And would I expect to see results?

Thing is, I don't want to take any thermogenic products because they will increase my heart rate and that's what I want to stay away from, having anxiety issues and all. The supplement area is a new territory for me. I have never taken anything beyond a Multi-vitamin, and really don't want to now, but I'm running out of options and it's very hard to be motivated to work out anymore, when you see no results for such a long time.