Remember in "Pulp Fiction" when Bruce Willis' French girlfriend talks about how she thinks it's very sexy for a woman to have everything skinny but her stomach. I don't really remember how she said it but her character thinks it's sexy for a woman to have a belly, regular legs and arms and face but with a belly.

When I heard her say these that I loved her for it and still shocked that somebody could think that way. I mean, even though it was her character saying it, SOMEBODY wrote that out. The writer! Quentin T. thinks women with bellies are sexy!!! lol

I really wish I loved my fat the way my boyfriend does but I wanna get rid of my belly!

I feel like it's the only thing that stops me from being happy and content with myself.

I'm 5'9 and weight 265. I feel like I have 50 lbs of belly fat! I might be right :( I'm disgusted and I wish it was gone and I never want to get my stomach cut off during a tummy tuck, that's just too brutal.

If anything, I need inspiration. Anybody know any sites that help with self-esteem? Good ones? lol

What kind of works outs can I do or what foods can I eat to get rid of the fat on my stomach!?!!

Please Help!

I'm losing my self-esteem slowly one day at a time lol