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    Mar 29, 2015, 07:35 PM
    Diet Cross Road
    I'm 24, 6 ft, probably around 270. I don't look super unhealthy but I'm over weight and would love to get slim. An odd thing about me is that at my age without meds I have a blood pressure of sometimes 200 over 100. And even after about 3 weeks of eating extremely healthy/exercise there wasn't much change to that.

    My doctor is convinced that my diet couldn't be the cause of such high BP. So I'm on 3 blood pressure meds and I thyroid pill because it's slightly under active. I'm curious if healthy living makes thyroid better? I don't really understand much about how it works.

    As of recent, I've started cooking lately and instead of eating 90% of fast food as all my meals, I'm doing about 70% grilled veggies+chicken wraps or raw things like I love raw tomatoes and like 30% fast food. So... I guess I've improved a bit haha, but I'm not seeing any change honestly. But I haven't gotten much into exersise yet. I'm still trying to push through that mental block. But once I get passed it I know I can go for a good while.

    I once heard that if you cut out portions of fat from your diet that your body would store them more efficiently. Could someone clear up this?

    I've been reading about these "raw" diets and "juicing diets" a lot lately.

    A few years ago before I seriously read up about these sort of diets I made up my own where I just ate lots of mixed veggies and lemon/lime water for about 3-4 weeks while I was out of work extremely hard. I lost around 30 pounds I think, and then the stress from my new job and lack of time to exercise as intensely as I was hindered me.

    I sort of just slid into depression from a dead end job and gaining those pounds back. I guess what I'm asking is what exactly is the best diet for me at this point.
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    Mar 30, 2015, 01:55 AM
    You will need to watch of course salt content.

    Get rid of most canned foods at home.

    Try to go 0 amount of fast foods, as much as possible.

    Use fresh foods in your cooking, ( a lot of the wraps at fast food places not as healthy as people always say)

    Start walking, getting some exercise.

    Yes in most cases this will after time, (3 weeks is not time) 3 months is time. You may see a difference. Now even the best health person, may get a illness and have problems, so it is not a cure for all things.
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    Mar 30, 2015, 04:22 AM
    You are 24, and despite the stresses of life, you have to make time to eat right, smaller portions of the right foods, and EXERCISE. Exercise is the best stress relief in the world, and is as important as what you eat. Your doctor can recommend a good nutritious diet, but only you can make a habit to walk off the worry. I get my fast food from the deli, a pre made salad, not fries and a whopper. 30% fast, greasy food is a killer.

    It's a matter of good habits over bad ones, as a regular routine done over years, NOT days or weeks. Start slow and keep doing the right things, and walk instead of eat, especially JUNK! It has to be a way of life, a way to live right, not a fad to look good, but BE good.

    Not only will you be healthier in mind, body, and soul, your body will thank you later in life by you taking better care of it now.

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