My husband got an invitation from a cousin in California who is getting Married in September. The wedding is to be a 4pm wedding outdoors with an outdoor reception to follow. The only suggestion about attire was that ladies wear flats and not heals as the ground is fairly soft.

What would be appropriate for my husband and I to wear (we are in our mid/late 30's) and my 11 year old daughter. There is also a Rehearsal dinner the day before.

I and my daughter may not go however because it is an out of state wedding and finances are so tight yet I would still like to know what would be appropriate wear should we be able to attend. I know some about what is proper and not but this is such a strange time that I'm not sure if this is something that a more formal attire is called for or not. I would like to know fairly soon so that should we be able to go that I know what I need to purchase to wear for my daughter and I and maybe even my husband; especially if his suit does not fit him any longer.


Completely Frustratedathusband in Texas pondering going to Cali for 3 day's in Sept.