Our daughter is getting married in October. It is our first wedding. The reception hall they booked holds 340 at round tables, which is what our daughter and we decided on. The guest list was as high as 500 at one point with 270 being the groom's parents. My husband told the groom to either find a bigger hall or to have his parents prioritize their list. They cut their list to 220 and instructed the groom to inform us the list was a dead issue and we were not allowed to talk to them about it. Because we are paying for the hall, we think we should be able to decide how the hall is set up, which ultimately will dictate how many quests it will seat. Because we do not want to invite more than 10% more than the hall will hold, we set our list at 375. We called the groom's parents and met them at the reception hall so they could see what we were talking about. We decided not to get our daughter and her fiancée involved. We thought we could reason with his parents. We told them based on etiquette they could invite 125 guests. Because they have a large family, we told them we cut our list to 95 and gave them our extra 30 so they can invite their family. We asked them to prioritize their list into "A" and "B" lists with 155 on the "A" list. We told them if more people declined than we anticipated we would invite the people from their "B" list first. Because they didn't acknowledge they would do this; we wrote a letter thanking them for meeting with us and restating our request. The first chance they got they invited our daughter over to their house and showed her the letter. The mother turned on the waterworks. Because our daughter is a "peace Keeper" and wants everyone to get along, they knew she would be upset with us; which she is. We came across as the bad guys. We think we are being more than fair. If the groom's parents do not cut their list; what are our options? Thank you.