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    Jan 2, 2016, 10:09 AM
    Travel Allowance fee Nigeria
    Was just wondering if there was such thing as travelers allowance fee .to leave nigeria
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    Jan 2, 2016, 11:05 AM
    It is most likely a SCAM. Online romance?
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    Jan 2, 2016, 06:11 PM
    No there is no such thing, This is all part of a scam where they ask for money for passports, money for visa (often at 10 times the normal cost) and then ask for this travel allowance. It will go on and on from there.

    Want to tell us the story,
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    Jan 3, 2016, 02:03 AM
    Nope, no such thing. This is a common scam. Nigeria is known for this crap.

    You're most likely talking to a guy, one of many in a warehouse whose job it is to romance people online and get as much money as possible from them, before they give up.

    Just tell this person that you live in a double wide, have no money, can't send any money to help, and watch how quickly they move on, after trying a few more times to get you to come up with the cash. Keep saying no and you'll never hear from them again.

    If you're looking for love, much better to leave the house and meet real people than to go online. So many scams online. Rule one, if they ask for money, leave.
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    Jan 3, 2016, 04:17 AM
    If you Google "Basic traveling allowance" for any country in the world you get SCAM.
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    Feb 3, 2016, 03:27 AM
    That is the biggest Nigerian SCAM there is, There is no such thing. Do not give money to anyone. If they keep pestering you, go to the American embassy and talk to them. Do NOT talk to those people. All you need is your ticket and to go get on the plane. The BTA they tell you you must pay is a total SCAM.
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    Feb 3, 2016, 05:01 AM

    This is totally a scam as I have seen many working as a Security Guard , heck I'll even show you another one just for interest.

    """"" Many thanks to your sincere acceptance to my proposal and must appreciate your sincerity in this issue. On close examination,your write-ups has shown a true reflection of your untapped potentials which could conversely give us a significant facelift in our prospective endeavors. Talking about this grant, our primary concern is honesty, sincerity and commitment. On Behalf of the Screening Committee of Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Asia Centre, I wish to formally inform you that you have successfully passed the Email Screening and Verification Matching Test conducted for all online winners in accordance with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Online Terms and Conditions. Hence you are therefore cleared for payment by the verifications and fund release department at the Asia Headquarters and your winnings has been duly signed and approved for release to you. I have already issued a letter of authority to the finance firm regarding my appointing you as my beneficiary and you are now the sole beneficiary to this fund totally [$1,200,000 USD] for you and your family. As I am busy with some personal project I will not be constant with the internet but do send me messages and my prayer and blessings is with you.

    The contact details and email of the finance firm is below and you have to contact them immediately via email or phone as I have already issued the authority to them and they will be expecting to hear from you so that they can arrange on how the funds will be transferred to you. You have to provide every assistance the bank will need to affect the transfer to enable the funds released to you without delay. I want you to contact the bank stating only my deposit File No: Reference: RBI-678-51829-IN for easy trace of my file, and also note that you “MUST” open an account with Reserve Bank of India before my deposit will be transferred to you in your name and thereafter you can transfer to anywhere you want in the world, if you follow the instructions from the bank directly within the next 3 working days you will have this funds transferred to you and available for use.

    Bank Name: Reserve Bank Of India
    Contact Person: Dr. Shri M.K.Bhattacharya, Regional Director
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +919873548070

    PLEASE NOTE THAT: The agreement/contract signed with the Reserve Bank of India for online transfers of the funds states that whoever is authorized to receive the funds will complete it through the use of an online account that MUST be opened by the new customer, therefore note that your contact with the Reserve Bank of India will involve the opening of a new private account in your name which they will automatically credit the deposit into your account then your fund would be transfer online from their online database to any other account of your choice anywhere in the world. That is Reserve Bank of India e-banking policy so you should be ready to open an account with them upon your contact.


    Val Bush, Grants Specialist """""

    This one above caught a few people out over here. Today less and less people are being scammed , though it still does happen.

    There is no fee to open a new bank account , just like you don't need a travel allowance to leave Nigeria.

    They have gotten better at trying to scam , noting some of the really old ones use to have spelling mistakes in them which totally gave them away. The elderly are still their prey as they trust the most , though they try for anyone.

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