Ok, this is kind of a secret from my mum, I'm short sighted since for a long time now , and only my dad knows about it since yesterday. I can see things like close up, but stuff like writing on the whiteboard I can't see. (So yeah... I have bad eyes as you can say)

So, having this year to be my last year in High School, I'm planning to get glasses, but I was wondering 'If you start wearing glasses, will you need it to wear it all the time or will your vision goes from bad to worse if you don't wear from times to times? I'm only planning to wear glasses when I needed the most.

I would have gotten glasses ages ago but my mum keeps saying that if I wear glasses I'll look ugly and all. So I'm afraid that if tell my mum she will kill me and she will start complaining that none off her families on her side don't wear glasses at all. However it's surprising that most Asians around my age are wearing glasses, is there actually a reason why for that? (I'm also Asian just so you know)

Right now I'm doing some research, and some people say that you don't need yo wear glasses all the time and some say that you do. So basically right now I have no idea which is right. So anybody, PLEASE HELP!?!?!

Also, how much does a pair of glasses approximately in Australian dollars? (I really don't want to spend much).

Thank you for giving up your time to read this! :)