I have a pair of KATA eyeglass frames with a very small spot where the paint is chipped. I paid over $300 for the frames so I want to keep them. My lenses are very expensive anyway. I have a very strong perscription and need to get special lenses/frames so my glasses don't look too thick. I also want modern looking glasses (I am in my 20s) so I love the KATA styles. They are made of titanium. If I use a tiny bit of gold nail polish, will this cover the paint chip? I am concerned that if I correct it with nail polish, the piece of polish may come off, making the spot worse. If I do use nail polish, how should I apply it? I don't want it to look too thick. The glasses are a gold color. I have seen how the dry polish looks and I think it is almost identical in color to the frames. I took the glasses to the store where I originally purchased them; they said there was nothing they could do. Will nail polish stick to and look halfway decent on titanium frames? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!