I have a young lady planning on coming to visit me in California. She is telling me that before she can board the plane immigration is going to ask her to show $1,650.00 USD as funds to take care of her self while here. Per the letter she sent me.

The statutory declaraton fee imposed on travelers, [ersonal or business trips out of Ghana
Is declared cumpulsory by the Government of the people's republic of Ghana. 1992 constitution article 754 cross 1285.

Only should be checked for any traveler leaving the counrty an anytime to any 1st world

The minimum amount for declaration for first time travelers $3000.00 Businedd or personal

The minimum amount for declaration on second or subsequent travel out of Ghana is $1,650.00

All travelers are to declare a fee depending on the type of immigration requires declared
,after passport, visas, and all other travel d\ocuments are checked through

Any officer in charge of checking on a declaration fee should return amount back to traveler right the point of check and confirmation

Decalaration fee is cumpuslory and needed to ensure all Ghanians abroad on long term travel time live and has the assurance of the government of Ghana , a well based life