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    Oct 21, 2006, 11:35 AM
    Plant/Operations Manager
    What's the deal with Almeda University. I've been in management for 28 years with only a high school diploma. I've managed fortune 500 companies with great success. I'd like to get a degree but I don't want to spend a $100,000 dollars for what I already know. If I can put a Life degree on my resume then the only thing I want it to do is get me the interview. What's wrong with that? I've reviewed a lot of web sites, some good and some bad. But if your good at what you do but can't get buy the HR department because you don't have a degree then what's wrong with it? I mean after all most HR departments are managed by degreed employees in psychology.
    When I receive a resume the first thing I look at is the education.
    I'm not looking for work. I don't have to because I have a reputation in my chosen career but the paper on the wall would look cool don't you think?
    If your good at what you do don't let the morons give you advice. Do what you think is proper for your career.
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    Oct 21, 2006, 12:31 PM
    If you want a good paper on the wall I can print one up a lot cheaper than they and other life experience schools charge.

    Most HR people know the names of many of the dipolma mills and non acredited schools and just seeing the name on your resume may actually work against you. It all depends on what HR is looking for. Remember the people looking at you at first, to get your foot in the door you have to get past people are not experts in your field, but only know personnel work
    Many will reference your school with the Dept of Education to see if it is an approved school or not

    Most places are looking for earned degrees and there are many good programs out there you can do online. Remember a non earned degree only shows you had enough money to buy one.

    Now that does not mean that just not being acredited is a bad thing, many church seminaries are not acreddited. There are online law schools in California that lets you take the bar exam.

    But if you are wanting a degree to help you get a better job I would look at someone like Univ of Phoniex or one of the acredited online schools that are not that expensive. Plus you learn a lot of get new skills in doing so.

    If you want a degree, just a paper to list, there are many churches that offer them even cheaper than Almeda for a piece of paper.
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    Oct 22, 2006, 01:20 PM
    Trust me, I know that Almeda isn't an accredited college. I know that most HR managers screen. Afer all it's their job. But in my experience they look at education first. Believe me I get resume's all the time and that's what I look at. One thing I can boast is every company I've managed has experienced a 30% growth every year I'm their. I know how to follow the market. Thanks to the internet it's easy to find most companies weakest points. The companies I've work for benefits from that. It's easy to take market shares from the competition. Just watch their hiring practices. I send resumes only to jobs I'm more than qualified for just to see if they respond. Then I know where to send my sales department. Management is the weakest point in most companies. They make easy targets. Their young and inexperienced. That's why I'm very successful. One thing I can boast and not many people can is one company I went to work for experienced a 300% growth in 1 year. I'm getting ready for retirement now. I have a job that I can retire from but I'm still going to see what the competition is doing. Like I said if your good at what you do and a degree from Almeda gets you an inverview then what have you got to loose. If you want to compete against me then go for it, but you better have experience and not just a degree because 28 years of success is hard to compete against. No college teaches that.
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    Oct 22, 2006, 03:40 PM
    If you believe it is of help in all menas

    I am sorry if I have to be a little skeptical of your post and I am really sorry, but we have had what appears from time to time people who are brand new to the board, come on and merely post just about this college,
    Many are pure obvious advertising, since they are only talking about this one school, while obviously there are 100's like them that will sell you a degree if you send them the right check.

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