Does anyone remember a television show that aired in the mid-eighties (guessing around '86) that had an interactive, sci-fi premise? (Not a cartoon) What really made this show unique was that you could purchase a laser/light blaster specifically for this show. Mine was shaped like the spaceship of the good guys. With this blaster you could shoot at certain characters on your screen. (Those guys/targets had a bright white glowing patch that indicated you could shoot them.) The light blaster had the handle and trigger of a handgun, but the body was a triangular-shaped spaceship.

The light blaster you had would keep track of the hits you scored on the back of it, but it would also serve as a sensor and would disable (the pilot ejected from the cockpit) if you took too many hits.

It was not Lazer-tag, or Photon or any other game like that. It was solely made for use with this show.