Good Morning,
I have a toro 524 model # 38040 ser. # 900163 from 1979 that my father bought new & when he passed away I got her.
Since having her the only thing I have had to do is back in 2001 the engine blew so I bought & put on a Briggs & Stratton 7.5 hp intek snow.
Until this year I won't go into why I had to do what I did as it is a long story but I put in a used axle bought from eBay (since I could not get the original wheels off her) new wheels, bearings, & snow hog tires.
Since I had to cut the old axle to get her off I noticed that the rubber drive wheel was almost sitting on the front pulley. Having the original owners manual I adjusted it per the manual.
After doing this I found she would not move in forward (3 speeds forward 2 reverse) so I put her back to where she was.
I tried her for the first time yesterday (as we live on a hill which has a very steep drive) I found that in first she just about crawls up the driveway!
I don't understand this as she was fine before & as I said is almost touching the front pulley but the rear friction disc which causes her to go into reverse works fine speed wise.
What I'm thinking is after 30 plus years the rubber drive wheel is worn so I orderd one but have not gotten it yet.
Also I'm thinking it may be the traction belt & am going to check that latter as I can't remember if I ever changed the belts when I put the new engine in her.
So my questions are does anyone have a clue as to why it is crawling in forward gear? & is there anything else I should check once I get her in the garage?
As she is in the barn right now and it is -20 outside. Any help would be great!
Thank you,