Short version... had blown 8 hp Tec. For snowblower. Got 10hp Tecumseh new short-block, swapped out crank and cam shaft (needed the pto shaft from blown engine to drive snowblower wheels). Everything came together like a dream, the blocks are identicle save for slightly larger piston. I have good compression, but no spark! Checked spark plug in spare snowblower, works fine. Have SSI so ordered new one thinking coil was bad, still no spark.
I am using old flywheel also, but as long as magnets line-up with the solid state ignition, shouldn't I get a spark (gapped to 0.012) if SSI is functional?
Do I need to use the 10 hp's original flywheel for some reason? No grounding issue that I can see (only using spark plug boot to spark plug).

What do you think?
Thanks in advance!