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    May 20, 2007, 07:17 PM
    Reassemble Mower starter cord recoil
    My mower's power cord looked like it was about to break.

    So I purchased a replacement cord and sought instructions on the web.

    Unfortunately the instructions I found weren't consistent with the design of the Briggs and Stratton engine on my mower. The instructions show how to replace a coed in a recoil mechanism mounted on the top end of the engine shaft. Unfortunately my recoil mechanism is mounted on the front of the engine partially behind the square air filter. I couldn't find any hardware retaining the recoil mechanism on the mower except for the screw through the center of the recoil mechanism . I saw no way of reaching the knot on the end of the pull cord without removing the recoil mechanism from the mower, as the outer side of the pulley was covered by the spring housing and the inner side of the pulley was covered by another circular part.

    I was unable to get the starter recoil mechanism off the mower without the spring getting loose.
    I'm having trouble figuring out how to get that beast back into its enclosure AND the hook on its end attached to the pulley. The SAME pressed sheet steel part acts as the inner connection of the coil spring AND the housing around the spring. To complicate matters it appears the spring needs to be wound tight enough to fit inside the plastic pulley.
    I couldn't find anything of assistance on the Briggs and Stratton or mower manufacturer's sites.

    Engine Model 100708 type 3111

    Any advise on getting that spring back and the recoil mechanism assembled enough to remount it on the engine would be greatly appreciated.
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    May 25, 2007, 03:15 PM
    First what I SHOULD have done as the early steps replacing the starter cord:

    As you should do for ALL mower repairs disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug and shut the fuel cutoff.

    Remove four screws to detach the rectangular cover that surrounds. The screen over the flywheel. This give you access to the screw that holds the shroud/fuel tank in place.

    Note the location of the throttle cable in its clamp, as it might need reattachment to the throttle after you've been moving the shroud/tank assembly around.

    Remove the air filter cover and air filter.

    Remove the screw holding the shroud/fuel tank assembly in place (located in the opening created when you took the rectangular dover off above. This allows you to lift the shroud/fuel tank enough to remove the entire pull starter assembly.

    Remove the bolt from the engine housing on the left side of the pull starter. The end of this bolt retains the center shaft of the starter assembly on the engine by engageing a slot around the shaft.

    Pull the entire starter assembly off the engine. You can now acess the knotted end of the pull rope though one of the holes in the starter gear.

    NOW the starter reassembly (NOT required if you follow the procedure above):

    MUCH appreciation to John C. Bridgers at for his VALUABLE advice on this procedure.

    Wear protective eye wear like goggles or safety glasses. Go to the store to buy them if you don't have them already. If you loose control of the spring it could seriously injure your eyes!

    IF available clamp the starter assembly shaft in the padded jaws of a bench vise.

    Pry the tab in the center of the cover open enough to free the spring from the cover.

    Place the plastic washer in the center of the pulley cavity.

    Engage the outer end of the spring in the slot in the pulley.

    Wind the spring into the cavity in the pulley, starting with the outer end and finishing with the inner end.

    At the SAME time engage the inner end of the spring on the rectangular hole in the cover and position the cover on and around the pulley.

    Replace the washer and bolt that holds the cover on the end of the starter assembly shaft. Note that the bolt has left hand threads, so you will have to tighten the bolt counterclockwise.

    Back to the pull cord replacement:

    Pry the knot from its place on the back of the pulley.

    Cut the knot off the end of the cord.

    Pull the old cord from the pulley.

    Using the gear teeth as a grip, wind the spring until it has some tension on it. Turn it five or six more turns so it will have enough tension to wind the pull cord onto the pulley. Use one hand to maintain this tension while you thread the new cord.

    Thread the new cord through the hole in the pulley.

    Knot the end of the cord and pull it tight against the back of the pulley.

    CAREFULLY allow the spring to wind the pull cord onto the pulley.

    Thread the new cord through the tube in the shroud/fuel tank assembly so the end is available on top of the engine.

    Replace the starter assembly on the engine, reversing the removal steps above. Make sure the arrow stamped on the cover is pointing up, which should put the opening for the cord on the right side next to the air filter. You MAY have to loosen the throttle cable clamp to reengage the cable's center wire on the throttle.

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