My mower's power cord looked like it was about to break.

So I purchased a replacement cord and sought instructions on the web.

Unfortunately the instructions I found weren't consistent with the design of the Briggs and Stratton engine on my mower. The instructions show how to replace a coed in a recoil mechanism mounted on the top end of the engine shaft. Unfortunately my recoil mechanism is mounted on the front of the engine partially behind the square air filter. I couldn't find any hardware retaining the recoil mechanism on the mower except for the screw through the center of the recoil mechanism . I saw no way of reaching the knot on the end of the pull cord without removing the recoil mechanism from the mower, as the outer side of the pulley was covered by the spring housing and the inner side of the pulley was covered by another circular part.

I was unable to get the starter recoil mechanism off the mower without the spring getting loose.
I'm having trouble figuring out how to get that beast back into its enclosure AND the hook on its end attached to the pulley. The SAME pressed sheet steel part acts as the inner connection of the coil spring AND the housing around the spring. To complicate matters it appears the spring needs to be wound tight enough to fit inside the plastic pulley.
I couldn't find anything of assistance on the Briggs and Stratton or mower manufacturer's sites.

Engine Model 100708 type 3111

Any advise on getting that spring back and the recoil mechanism assembled enough to remount it on the engine would be greatly appreciated.