I have a Generac 5500 Watt generator model 09778-3 that has approx 5 hours of total use on it. I went to use it a couple of weeks ago to power a 1-1/2 HP pump that draws approx 9 amps at 240 volts. I had used this generator for this purpose before with good results. This time the generator ran under load for approx 30 seconds and all of a sudden speeded up a bit. Further checks showed that there was no output of any kind. Even the solenoid voltage for the idle slowdown under no load conditions, wasn't there. Absolute zero on any plug. Each pushbutton circuit reset button was pushed and no results.
I checked with all the "Authorized" Service centers here locally and all but one didn't work on the generator portions. I took to the one service center and they took the generator to work on. First of all, they were very cautious about taking it at all, because "they usually didn't work on generators."
Their prognosis was that the stator was shorted. I hadn't noticed any smoke, smell or anything when it had quit generating. The mechanic admitted that he had taken his readings with an analog meter, and my being an electrician by trade, I know that motor/generator readings are so low that an analog meter won't give you accurate readings. I can take readings with a fluke digital meter and I do have a wiring diagram, but I have no idea what these readings should be. Can any one be of any help. This generator looks brand new and has an 11 HP B&S motor that runs like a top. I have talked to Generac and because the whole unit is 4 years old, it is out of warranty, even though it only has the 5 hours on it. Mechanic quoted $785.00 plus shipping plus labor to install stator. Pretty steep for a generator that you can buy new for less than $600.00. Brushes, comutator etc look like new.
I would really like to check it out a little further myself. Does anyone have suggestions or know where I can get resistance readings for stator. I sure would appreciate it.