My teenage son recently started mowing lawns, and the gardener who hired him, has asked him to store his lawnmower in the garage of my parents (who were kind to allow this), so that my son would have quick access to it, as the customers are in this area where we live. PROBLEM: My parents are so distressed as they called me to go and see the puddles of the lawnmower mixture(gas/oil?) that leaked all over 1/2 of the garage. I placed newspaper on top, and later I thought to ask my son to put some kitty litter? Is this a good idea? How can I clean this up,what steps to take,any homemade recipes I can use? Soap, water and elbow grease? All suggestions, advice, opinions really appreciated! (cannot get to Home Depot today, so that is why I need home recipes!)THANKS!! :eek: