I just bought a used riding lawn mower. It had started fine each time I went to look at it. Looks like it was been treated well although quite dusty. I was told that it was used very little in the last few years. It is a MTD 16.5hp riding mower.

So I brought it home today and mowed the front yard with it. It backfired twice when being shutdown. From what I have read that is because it was not sufficiently idled down. Now I cannot even get it to start. I have removed the air filter to get a better look at the carb. When I tried to start it and had the carb exposed, it would have some gas coming from the carb, but would not start.

I have not tried any real troubleshooting yet. I wanted to get a few leads as to where I should start.

I am not particularly mechanically inclined, so any help is sincerely appreciated!