5 wires on the back of my ignition switch

1. On one terminal there are 2 wires dark green wires
2. On another terminal there is 1 wire Black and it is hot all the time
3. Then on another terminal there is 2 yellow wires
4. Then another terminal has 1 orange wire hot when key in start position
5. Then finally 1 red wire on the last terminal hot when key in run position in the start position its no longer hot

My question is where do these wires go to
The yellow wires go to the safety features? Clutch, seat, blades and neutral safety switches? If so what happens with them, do they ground the engine so it shuts off or won't start or just the opposite?
I am thinking that the orange wire goes to the one single wire on the solenoid the small one in the middle of the 2 heavier ones?
If the 2 above are correct great, but I have no ideal where the others go. 2 dark green and the black is probably connected right because I can get it to start by jumping the starter with a battery booster pack

If anyone can help thanks so much