We purchased a john deere l120 from home depot in February of 2004... it hasn't been THAT bad of a mower but it has had its problems. Every year I take the time to mow 3.4 acres and I do take pride in my yard and in my mower

So the first cut of the season I was mowing and I was just about to finish up and I went to make a turn and the fron axle totally snapped in half... the left wheel went limp and the whole tractor kind of slammed to the ground. I quickly killed it and was left scratching my head the rest of the day on how I broke a cast iron axle?

I went to the local John Deere dealer and bought the front axle and all the guys behind the counter could say was "it must have been one hell of a wheelie"... but that's beside the point... ive been have a real hard time trying to get the center bolt nut of the axle... it appears that the bolt that goes through the middle of the axle is in a very hard spot to reach

So before I take it to the shop I was wondering if anybody could offer me any advice on how to get that damn nut off before I go insane?