Part 1
I have a 5kw 120/240v generator that powers my boat. A phase goes to the battery charging side of the inverter charger and B phase goes to the House Power side of the inverter charger. When the generator is running, I get a large voltage fluctuation from 108v to 127v and this causes the lights to fade in and out. I cant image what it is doing to the flat screen TVs and other electronics, but the lighting issue is just plain annoying.

Part 2
When the generator is turned off, the inverter / charger automatically switches to invert mode, this transfer takes about 1-2 seconds. When this happens the lights flicker, which I can live with. What I would like to eliminate is that the TV & Satellite box shut off, and have to go through the whole I just got plugged in for the first time set up mode.

So Im looking for a solution that will A balance the voltage and B store power for a short time during transfer. I thought of a UPS, but I would need a really big one, and when Im not there for days and days, the batteries would go bad quickly. Any thoughts on, maybe some sort of capacitor?