Morning all. My 2007ish 17.5hp Craftsman mower was running perfect. Died on me once, took awhile to get started, and finished the lawn. Last time, it died, and would not restart at all.
Checked the fuel lines and the filter, up until the carb bowl. I empty it, try to start, and it does fill up.
I add an ounce or 2 of gas into the carb and it starts up until the fuel is used, and dies.
I check the carb solenoid, and it does switch (sounds like it at least when all assembled.
I can't figure out how the hell to take off the carb linkages, so I can't pull it OFF the engine and check if there are any blocks in the jet/etc.

Is that the one thing I should do next? Obviously the fuel gets to the bowl, and the engine starts when fuel is poured in the carb... but I can't figure out past that.

What exactly should I look at in the carb? Where is the jet? How the heck do you take off the 2 valve linkages!!

Thanks. I can't stand cutting my entire lawn with a 20yr old almost dead push mower (cracked body, reinforced with carbon fiber plate, but is still cracking!! Digs into the ground if I push it wrong)