I just bought a used craftsman mower, dark green model 917 I think, the battery was dead but the guy had charged it before I came and bought it, it started right up sounded good I bought it, got it home, charged it a little, started right up, tried out some of the attachments that came with it. Battery would not hold a charge, mower belt was old slipped when putting deck down in heavy grass. Anyway, bought new battery, and belt, installed them, changed the oil, filled the gas tank, used it a little, drove it back to the shed, lowered throttle to idle, engine died, won't start, good battery, turns over fine, gas seems to be getting to the spark plug, but I can see no fire on the spark plug. Help, I have no experience with craftsman mowers, no owners manual, is there some kind of safety switch that would allow it to turn over but not start. Sorry if the question seems long, any help would be appreciated.