Okay I have a MTD-Bolens Riding Mower, model # 13AM662F16 with a B&S 15.5 OHV Engine Model #283H070197E1.

I bought the mower used it had been outside for awhile. First I bought a battery (because it had none) I went to start with key its just clicked, so I jumped the wires on the solenoid it would crank one time around or two and would stall. (I think it is hitting the compression stroke)So I took off the starter and bench tested it. It Spun like a top perfectly fine. So I thought it may be the battery once again or the starter so I jumped the battery and same results then I jumped the starter directly off a car battery it still did the same thing. I then took the plug out and jumped the starter form the car and it cranked just fine. I check the plug for spark and yes it has spark. I then put the plug back into the block and it would do the same thing again.

(Now I do have the carb tore apart as I am cleaning it out for there was a lot of gum build up in it. I know it will not start without the carb put together and properly connected IE selonoid etc. but why will it not crank freely like it should. I have read up on the compression release but I don't have a manual for the mower.)

Can anyone give me any ideas or lead me in the proper direction. I am mechanically inclined as I work for the Army as a mechanic!

Thank You!

Mr. Tupling