Bought a craftsman riding mower from my neighbor (who has now moved out of state). It worked great for him, I saw him mowing his lawn every weekend. Now that we have it, the belt above the blades comes of every time we use it (have only used it twice). We found a diagram of how the belt goes on line once (of course I did not keep it) and now the belt has come off again and I can't remember how it goes and I can't find that picture again! I cannot read the model number behind the seat, that area is all scratched up. This is what I know about the mower... Craftsman 15hp OHV Diamond Plus Hydor/Automatic, Briggs& Stratton Engine 28N707. The first line on the decal behind the seat looks like GX596... 808(or 6)0114 then on the second line, there is a completely illegible set of numbers or letters, then it looks like ______8(or 3) 49____218(or 3)_6A. Please help!! :eek: