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    Ballengerb1 - How do you like my Homemade Stihl Leaf blower/vac attachments?

    Asked Apr 29, 2009, 09:05 PM 1 Answer
    From left to right

    1. The standard vacuum tube - It was too small for picking up piles. It is still useful for flower beds

    2. The modified vacuum tube - bell bottom - I used a Toro flared end and riveted it to a standard Stihl tube and taped the seam. It works great for picking up big leaves and piles of blown leaves. It works great. The Stihl tube is about $24-$30. I used a Toro tube from an old electric blower/vac.

    3. The 2.5" 8' Shop-Vac hose. Purpose is to clean around hedges and an air conditioner. Worked better than expected.
    $24 for Stihl tube
    $0 for a scrap piece of 2 x 6
    $15 for a 2.5" hole saw (Already had mandrel)
    $10 for a 2.5" vacuum hose coupler
    $20 for a Shop Vac 2.5" x 8' hose
    6 phillips screws

    Cut a Stihl vacuum tube to about 2'. Measure for 3 screws around circumference about 1/2" in. Cut 2 x 6 with jig saw to fit inside tube. Mark center or get close. Drill 2.5" diameter hole in center.

    Drill 3 equidistant holes about 1/2' in the hose coupler. Attach hose coupler so that it's flush on the inside. Use offset screwdriver to attach coupler to the cut round section of the 2 x 6.

    Insert assembly into Stihl tube and fasten with 3 screws.

    Assemble Shop-Vac hose.

    I'll probably add the Shop-Vac handle attachment to the hose. This basically puts an angled tube and a handle at the end of the hose. It's about $13.

    What would be cool is a remote throttle, but I'm getting carried away.

    It worked surprisingly well.

    4. The Stihl SH85 engine assembly

    5. The standard Stilhl blower tube

    I have a couple of other ideas to improve the bag system. Again, borrowed from the Toro design.

    So, I'm really happy so far with the results. I used the flared tube a lot last year, more so than the sandard Stihl tube. Stihl gave me a hard time when I suggested the modification to them. I didn't have one at the time.

    The 6' hose idea came about because I don't own a large tube Shop-Vac and I needed a way to clean between the hedges and the air-conditioner. Neither tube works in that case.
    So far, so good.

    It could have gutter cleaning applications as long as the material isn't wet. Not sure yet. I'd need to support the Stihl on a ladder somehow.

    The Stihl bag has issues. a) Too small of a pitch on the zipper. b) Too small of a zipper pull (I have a key ring attached to the Stihl bag which makes it better) c) Too difficult to remove the bag for emptying (Basically a stupid design)

    As a blower, the design is fantastic. As a vacuum, it needs a little bit of work.

    Happy so far.

    I should look for a 4 or 5 mm Bevel washer for the blower tube lock rather than lockwashers.


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    1 Answer
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    Apr 29, 2009, 10:28 PM

    Kiss can you turbo charge it so when we take it to Congress we can suck up the waste laying around!!

    Very impressive guy!!

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