My Neighbour has acquired an old Dynamark 5 H.P. / 20 inch wide Snowblower that was given to him.It's a Dual Stage with a Speed lever handle that runs Horizontally across the back of the chassis and the Body is a Dark Green in colour.I have been able to find out that Dynamark is sold by Sears and that Dynamark is made by Noma.It has a Tecumseh Snow King Engine and I was able through the engine serial number to get the PDF file on the Engine and parts list for him.I have that printed out now.

Does anyone know where I can find either an online printable version or a Hard Copy of the actual Owners Manual and Body Schematics for this Snowblower?
Below the Engine Number,the only other number is DOM 4186 D
Would appreciate any help... we think the Blower is about 10 to 20 years old.. and it runs like a charm so far.Part numbers for the body and Belts and Pulley's would be helpful...
Thanks... Joe.