I just bought this 2 stage snowblower used. One auger is rusted frozen and the second has a good shear pin in it, but the augers do not always spin. Once they hit the snow they usually stop all together. The augers feel like they have about 6 inches worth of play, ONLY when it's at a certain point in it's rotation. Other wise, they feel tight with the 2nd stage, and move with the 2nd stage when I spin it with my hands.

I hope it's one of the keys that were sheared off. The other issue I think it may be is the worm gear with broken teeth... because the 2nd stage still spins without issue

1) Is anyone familiar enough to confirm either of these or tell me that I am way off?

2) This machine may be 10-15 years old. While it has a Tecumsuh engine, I have done random googles and found slight references that MTD or Murray/Noma made this machine. Can anyone tell me who made these machines for Agway?