I have a 2004 Troy bilt Super Bronco lawn tractor (J or T 609) I recently replaced the drive belt - which means I had to remove the cutting deck and the PTO belt. I replaced the PTO belt as well -- made sure it was the right belt (754-0497) and made sure that I followed the proper belt routing. The problem is that when I engaged the PTO belt with the blade at level 3, it barely turns (which is evident by the lack of noise that is usually made when the PTO lever is engaged). However, if I lift the cutting deck up to the top position (level 6) the noise increases and the blades work fine. But as soon as I lower the cutting deck back to level 3, I can hear the difference in the power (noise) to the PTO belt and the blades don't seem to be turning as fast. Is there any way to adjust the tension on the PTO belt, or maybe replace a spring, etc to increase the PTO belt tension?