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    Jul 15, 2007, 11:17 AM
    Questions for Tennis Gurus :)
    Hi! I need some help from a tennis guru. See, I'm taking an online tennis course and we get 40 assignment questions to do, and I've done most of them, but these two: I really just don't get.

    If, when serving into the right service court on the SECOND serve, the ball hits within the service court, what should happen? [A] legal, ball in play [B] loss of point for server [C] point for receiver [D] both A and C are correct.
    I think it's [A], but I'm not sure at all.

    Also, I thought I got this one, but then I found some information on the internet, so I'm caught between C and D:

    On the SECOND serve, the ball touches the net and falls into the proper court. How many serves is the server entitled to?
    [A] one [B] two [C] none [D] any number
    I thought it was C, because I know the server only gets two chances to pull the ball into play, and it's his second serve. But then I read this on the Internet "during the service, a ball that touches the net but lands in the proper court is termed a let and counts for nothing. That one service is replayed. There is no limit to the number of let balls that may be made on the service; the Server continues serving into the same court until a good service is delivered or two faults are made"

    THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!I sure do appreciate it if any of could help me; it would be absolutely amazing, and would make my day!

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    Aug 7, 2007, 01:21 PM
    You did well with the first question- for the second, I will add to what you found on the internet, and see if that helps- every time the ball hits the net on a serve, but lands in the proper court, it is a "let", and may be redone. Hope that helps

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