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    Mar 14, 2006, 08:01 AM
    Two Men In The Woods!!
    Please please please help me before i go insane. I watched a film i in what i believe was 2001 but poss before. So i reckon the film was made between 98 and 01. It was a bit like the Blair Witch Project, same set up. Two men go camping in the woods to find a killer beast (i think it was the Taz Devil?) and when they are there they get killed but what you think is a beast. After that you follow a reporter all around town speaking to the towns people about what happened. People find the two menís cameras and start putting them back together to see a blurry image which they think is the beast. Near the end the woman who is putting the photo negatives together is putting the picture together and it starts taking on more shape and low and behold it turns out it is the reporters face, ahhhhh he is a serial killer. Next thing you know she figures it out and is about to call the police when he comes in and suffocates her and then it finishes with him burying her in the woods. Please help me as i am cracking up.:eek: :confused: :mad: :rolleyes: :( :o
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    Mar 14, 2006, 09:00 AM
    Not to worry people. It has taken me ages to think of what this is called and when I asked my sister she spent 10 minutes on the internet and low and behold she found it. It is called The Last Broadcast. Defi worth watching it guys. You an get it off Ebay. I have just ordered it. Yippee

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