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    Oct 24, 2015, 03:17 AM
    Old Cartoon with a cat and elephant
    I remember a cartoon from late 80's or early 90's with a blue cat and orange elephant (I think - he was much larger than the cat). The cat's nose was bigger than normal I think.

    The elephant was pretty chill but a little daft, and didn't always do things how the cat wanted. The cat was typically cranky. I remember an episode with an umbrella I think, and one with a hot air balloon. They were trying to lift off in the balloon, but the elephant kept messing up the sandbags or something.

    My sister had a stuffed doll of the cat - it wasn't fabric, it was that plastic or vinyl material. I feel like the animated characters were even drawn with the lines in the stitching of the dolls, but I may be wrong.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

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