Well - yesterday our LG 37" TV went strange. The buttons on the side of the TV don't work (vol up/down channel up/down; ) the power button worked. The input button and the one above it (menu?) only turn the TV on and off. So none of the buttons were working correctly. This is without the remote. . We called LG - reset - it didn't help.
Today - my husband went to the TV to shut it off... Due to static elec from the carpet felt a shock when he depressed the on/off button. Now the TV won't shut off at all. You have to pull the plug.
Any ideas? Hubby is very handy/electrical so downloaded the service manual to take a look.
Any others experiecne this? The TV picture is fine - no issues. Just all the buttons don't work on the TV.
THe TV is about 3 years old.