Late 90s/ Early 2000 Sci Fi t.v show

I'm looking for a t.v show that aired a few years ago. It was a Sci Fi show of some sort and I've been trying to find it these past few days. All I can remember is the show was a little like the X files but I know it wasn't. There was I think 2 main characters, a female who had black curly hair and a male who I can't really remember. I know that they didn't fly around in a space ship it was more... realistic I suppose. I remember one of the episodes I think it was called 'The Beast' and they were hunting this monster around a town. They went to a kid who drew pictures of the beast and it was always a picture of these big yellow eyes because he saw him hiding in the bushes at night. Then I remember the lead male character with I think another character driving in a car and then they start searching the car for some reason and when they get back in The male character looks in the rear view mirror and can see there's bright yellow eyes in the back seat. That's really all I can remember for that episode I remember seeing the bit at the end of the episode where they show a clip of the next episode and there was some sort of toilet monster.

I've been looking around the internet for ages trying to figure out what this show is. I know the show is not called "special unit two" and I'm very sure its not X files. I can't really tell you what channel it was on because I live in Australia but here it was on channel 10 I think. It would have been on at around 10:30 and I'm not certain but I think the later seasons of x files was on when 'Mulder' disappeared. I don't really know how long it aired for all I remember is that show was really cool.

If any one can help it would be much appreciated