I remember a tv-show I saw when I was younger, but I don't remember what it was called. It was about a man and a woman who were private investigators. They had a little office, only one room, that I think was white. There prople came and asked them to investigate their cases. I think the man was dark-haired and might wore sunglasses often. I also think he had a gun placed on his body with this "gun-belt" that you see people wear on their upper bodies in tv-series. The lady was maybe dark or red haired, half long hair. This took place in a warm place, maybe Hawaii or California, I remember beaches. They had a friend, a man, I think he was dark blond, a little short. He wore hawaiian shirts, an he used to sit at the bar down by the beach. He was a little special, had a special voice I think. I think he was unnapployed, and he helped these detectives sometimes. He was kind of clumsy or something, a "fun-man". These three were the main characters. I think I saw this in the early 90's. The characters must have been in their early/mid 30's. Can someone please help me with this?