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    80s cartoon with aniamals snake was villain
    80s cartoon with aniamals where a snake was the villain

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Their third eyes can transform their human form to alien form.

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I just bought a boa but don't have anothr tank so I have no choice of putting it in the same tank as my king snake they are both females would they fight?

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My daughter of 7 years dreamed that my mother-in-law had a bookshop. My husband and I where in there as well. She saw an orange small snake and we will all scared of it but then there where an big green snake that swallowed her right leg. When she asked me to help her I answered that I couldn't.

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I am trying to find a 90's cartoon series about a king who's family is turned to stone buy some sort of snake warrior. He then has to fight an army of snake people to get a jewel to free his family. It is driving me crazy trying to find this. Any help would be greatly appreciaed, thank you so much.

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All I can remember about this movie is its an animation... I believe... well there is a group of people 2 plus on there way to save someone or something from a villain I believe to be a wizard, anyway the only thing I can really remember is in the end the villain turns into a tree from his feet...

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