There is this girl who I am good friends with. She was going out with one of my best friends for about 10 months. He was a real ahole to her. They broke up about 2 months ago and were still hanging out and he has a new girlfriend. I remained good friends with her. Ive allways cared a lot about her as a good friend. Now Im in love with her. I told her how I felt and she said she felt the same way. With my friends permission we went out. 2 days later we decided to go back to being friends because she was not over her ex. They were still hanging out. When they were hanging out, most of the time I was with them. I could tell she still loved him and I would have been fine with that as long as she was happy, he is one of my best friends, but he was still being a real ahole to her. There was not a single day they spent togeather when she didn't end up in tears. Her and her mom decided it would be best if they stayed away from each other from now on, he agreed. Then after it was all done and decided she regretted it because she is still not over him. I can't understand how after everything he has done to her she still loves him. My question is will she ever be over her ex? And do you think I will ever have a chance with the girl I love and care about deeply in the future?