A guy friend and I have been friends for 3 years now. I really like this guy but I am not sure if he knows this or even if he is interested in me or not. This is because we do not see each other frequently and we are not close. Few months ago, I hurt his feelings by saying things that I even did not mean them. I said those things, because other friends that do not know him, had hurt me so much by saying things that are not true about me, behind my back and so, I got somewhat depressed and I just thought that all my friends are doing this to me.

Obviously, this guy friend did not talk to me again due to the things I said to him, and his friends when they see me, tell me that I did not deserve to be his friend in the first place and that I just manipulated his feelings. I tried to email him several times to show him that I was so sorry for my actions, and trying to explain to him what has happened and that I would like to be friends again. Usually, he did not reply, however, once he emailed me that he forgave me and would like to give me another chance.

I talked to him on an online chat and tried to explain to him what has happened and why did I do those things, but he cut the conversation on this subject short by telling me that everyone passes from a time full of troubles in their life and this time was my time of the troubles. Then he changed the subject. When I saw him in real life again, he just nodded me and smiled, and then continued to go where he was going without saying a word. What does this mean?

From that day, I did not meet him or any of his friends. What should I do? Do I have to send him an email? And what should I tell him? I do not know what to do...