I always kind of feel left out around my friends, but this just crossed the line! My teacher recently chose six people to be in this bully awareness group! Three guys, my two bet friends and this girl who used to be my best friend and is now dead to me. Anyway I am always alone now, and I know I should branch out and meet new friends but it is not that easy! I need help with this now, so please do not tell me I need more friends I already know I do. So lately my two friends and our enemy have been all buddy buddy! Last thing they said about her was that they hated her. Clearly they fir got what she did to me. So now I spend recess playing my iPod in the bathroom while they are becoming closer and closer to the girl I hate! Oh and they always talk about meetings and crap in front of me! Get a clue! To make it all worse my mother told them I felt left out and they think my anger is unnessasary! I just don't know what to do! If you are reading this please write at least something to help me! Please it just keeps getting worse day by day! ThanksÓĀó