So I dated this guy at the begging of my high school year and I liked him A lot but he wouldent kiss me after a month so I thought he dident like me we still talked after and apparently he just dident want to mess things up cause he liked me a lot so you know that sucked but then his best friend liked e and I'm friends with his best friend to so I couldent date him again. About a month later I was having a party and he came over early we flirted a lot and joked around that night he dident just ignore me he dident talk to me I don't really know why so I was pretty pissed at him I kind of freaked at him I shouldn't have but now he won't talk to me but I'm tottally in love with him I mean I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal or it sounds a little trashy but I mean I would have sex with him I mean he is cute and funny and sweet and he raps his arms around me and I loved him so much but he won't talk to me and it hurts me but I absoulutly love him it sucksi almost wish he would see this and understand it. But someone please give me good advice:) I need help