He sits right in front of me and sometimes he'll turn around and stare at me and say hi sometimes. He used sexual innuendoes a couple times saying you like that. But I said no. We had to right a paper in class about you're ideal man or woman. I had to read mine aloud. The next day he asked me if he was my ideal man and I said no. This other girl that sits by us was paying attention and he asked she's kidding right.and then I laughed. But then for two days he's sat somewhere else and hasn't talked to me. But he did talk to me one of those days. I think I like him but then he makes fun of this kid in class calling him fat but then sometimes they are all buddy buddy. Also he's always commenting on how fat this girl is. And I'm not really attracted to him. But he makes me laugh and he'll turn around to see me laugh. Do you think he likes me?