Hey guys,
I need some help... I've got a boyfriend... I'm really happy with him... but just lately he's been showing a great interest in my best friend... they have been talking heaps lately and they both have exams in the same glass so they are always talking and sitting together... he seems to be showing more interest in her than in me... they have longer conversations than me and him have and its been upseting me a lot... the other day me and him where walking out of school and he where she was... they always joke around and talk at the lockers... I love him and I don't want to lose him... she has a boyfriend but he's a lot older than us and he has recently moved around 10 hours away from us... and they are very much in love but I'm still worried about it... neither of them have seemed to notice their friendship is bothering me... I mean I know I should be happy they get along... but it just feels like they get along too well... I'm scared he'll break up with me cause he has feelings for her or that he'll try to get with her one day :( :( :(