OK so I met this guy when I was twelve and he was 15 so I thought he was cute and all.so one time I got his attention and I asked his name he told me and we talked.afterwards we were good friends so we started hanging out at the basketball court him and my other sis and his little bro so after two days of him knowing me he told m sis that I was cute and he liked me.my sis told me and I was like happy! And all and I like him back.so since then I started till feel awkward around him.I wouldn't even get close to him or hug him.remeber he was 15 I was 12 so he ask me out I didn't give him a straight answer so he was like omg why do you act weird all the time when I tell that I like you.so after that I kept acting like this.I guess he got annoyed so after that he started telling my sister how immature I was how I wa acting childish but he couldn't not realize that he is 15 I am still 12 and our mindsets are different I wasn't used to dating 15 year olds only pple my age or 13 year olds.so I kind of got pissed about what he had said and we would argue sometime and then makeup and be friends and there was a time that we just stopped talking for good! And finally summer of now 2010 we started talking I was now 14 and he was 16 so I was not talkng to him becoz he let his girlfriend curse me out and whatevr on top of that america the night before that happened he had just asked to kiss me and asked if him and his new girlfriend don't work out would I want to go out with him! Now who says that I don't know.so when his girlfriend cursed at me because I sent him a text saying 'i need to get something over with" so they all teamed up on me he was saying dont talk to me anymore leave me along you are soo childish and immature and a wierdo.so that ticked me off! he never even tried to stop the silly argument that his girlfriend started he was supporting her in all.so we stopped talking for three months until one day when my sister and i are outside he asks my sister why i am not talking to him??????? shocker america! so i was like what does he want. so he was like i am sorry for everything i did from this day on america i am still upset what he did to me was a stab at the back so i forgave him and we became friends nw just friends! so i could see that everytime my sister and him were hanging out he would try to bring out the subject about liking me but he has a girlfriend! so i was kind of fad u with him i totally lost intrest in him but i never told him because we were friends now so i dint matter anymore.so we were all hanging out having fun,so then when my sister left for a week to go somewhere we still hang out as friends america! so i thought our friendship would coninue going smoothley like it was but he was aiming for something far from friendship america! but i wasnt intrested because whenevr we both agreed to going out and we did whe i was like 12 he would not be satisfied he would say oh you act like a child u behave so immature why can't you kiss me why can't you can't act like all of the girls i have dated so i am like what the hek! so i got tired of it i couldnt take more of his insults so i stopped liking him i have to admit it took time to finally get over him you know because i liked him so bad america but as soon as he started acting like he owns me and i have to do this and that if i dont want him to think that i am immature.so i was like no way ! so now he is convinced that i like him but i dont and its terrifying me i hate the way he talks to me like he is talking to his daughter america i am only 14!!!!! years old i have a life to live you know and he is 16 he has a diffrent mind.so he always says i know you like me but keep telling him i dont so he gives me that face expression like"oh you should have never said that to me"so I get really scared and uncomfortable afraid what he might do.so yesterday he before all of that he told me that he wanted to go out with me because his girlfriend the one that cursed me off he don't think they are oing to last because she is annoying I guess.so I txted him saying if a girl wanted to go out with you and found that your Facebook status still says in a relationship with somebody they would think you guys still have something going on so that example is how I felt.so he replied cursing me off saying you are a weirdo I am the biggest in the world I am not normal that is why I stalk his page everyday and america tha is not even true! After that I am like you know what boy I have put up with you enough! This name calling and crap I am only 14 I am not married or nothing! So after that I was like its better off we not friends and don't talk anymore sice I am alwayz causing problems and drama so I was really serious for the first time in my life.so he begged me and was like no but now he is really creeping me out no joke america and he said if I don't reply to his texts he was going to tell my mom that I talk to a 16 yr old what kind of immature creeper idiot is that plus in his mind he thinks that I like him but I don't! Help please read this!! Ammericaaa