Guys.. at this point I'm thinking they should all burn in hell. Sorry guys.
I'm just a little mad, bitter, extremely angry.
I should start from the beginning right?
Me and this butthole[it won't let me say it the right way]
Of a guy[well he's really not but right now it makes me
Feel better to say that:] went out for I don't know five or six dates. Well Wednesday he
Brought me back home things were great. That next morning I didn't wake
Up to a good morning or something similar which was weird cause the last
Two weeks I did. So I text him, no big deal right, well he didn't seem quite the
Same. Over the next week we didn't text a lot. He didn't text me, I didn't text
Him. Well this last weekend he text me and was like long time no talk.
And after talking for a bit it basically came down to the both of us saying
That we thought the other person didn't like us anymore. Well I told him
I still like him, but he said that he didn't feel quite the same anymore.
So we stopped texting that night cause he had to be at work at five in
The morning. I texted him later that night and was like I was thinking if you
Already know how you feel about me then there's no point in talking anymore.
He still text me that next morning and almost all day and even during the
Superbowl. So now I'm confused as hell. Does he or doesn't he like me? If he
Didn't like me why would he still be talking to me? He's just really confusing me.
I need help.