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    peaceom Posts: 41, Reputation: 3
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    Feb 4, 2008, 01:43 PM
    So there's this guy.ohh are you surprised?
    Guys.. at this point I'm thinking they should all burn in hell. Sorry guys.
    I'm just a little mad, bitter, extremely angry.
    I should start from the beginning right?
    Me and this butthole[it won't let me say it the right way]
    Of a guy[well he's really not but right now it makes me
    Feel better to say that:] went out for I don't know five or six dates. Well Wednesday he
    Brought me back home things were great. That next morning I didn't wake
    Up to a good morning or something similar which was weird cause the last
    Two weeks I did. So I text him, no big deal right, well he didn't seem quite the
    Same. Over the next week we didn't text a lot. He didn't text me, I didn't text
    Him. Well this last weekend he text me and was like long time no talk.
    And after talking for a bit it basically came down to the both of us saying
    That we thought the other person didn't like us anymore. Well I told him
    I still like him, but he said that he didn't feel quite the same anymore.
    So we stopped texting that night cause he had to be at work at five in
    The morning. I texted him later that night and was like I was thinking if you
    Already know how you feel about me then there's no point in talking anymore.
    He still text me that next morning and almost all day and even during the
    Superbowl. So now I'm confused as hell. Does he or doesn't he like me? If he
    Didn't like me why would he still be talking to me? He's just really confusing me.
    I need help.
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    FURRETZ Posts: 8, Reputation: 0
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    Feb 4, 2008, 01:55 PM
    Honey... in my opinion, I'd just stop texting him for a while. Let him think he's lost you and make him try harder. If he doesn't try... then you have your answer. Absence makes the heart grow fonder... it's really true! If he doesn't hear from you, he might think you don't like him anymore or that you found someone else. It's really sad, but you have to play the game!!

    Personally, I think games suck! You're worth a whole lot more. Stop wasting your time with this guy and find yourself one who doesn't play games! Life is too short!
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    JBeaucaire Posts: 5,426, Reputation: 997
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    Feb 4, 2008, 03:26 PM
    Yeah, the texting thing is actually hurtng your relationship, you just don't see that yet.

    You're the catch, sweetie, not the "catcher". Without being an idiot, you should let him do the hunting, it's in his nature to come after you, if he's interested that is.

    The problem with texting is that it is so constant and provides a false sense of connection. Real communication occurs sitting across the table from one another laughing TOGETHER and reading each other clearly. Texting eliminates the most rewarding part of interacting with someone you like.

    Make yourself NOT text anything much beyond "meet me at so-n-so place/time?" IMs, texts, emails are all interferances with real relationships. If you think of something you want to talk about, save it and talk about it in person.

    This will do wonders for your relationship and magically eliminate 90% of the misunderstandings, all this extra "what's the problem he's not texting me oh my god" stuff evaporates cause none of it is real anyway. That's a good thing.
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    peaceom Posts: 41, Reputation: 3
    Junior Member

    Feb 4, 2008, 05:45 PM
    I didn't go for him in the beginning, he came after me. Yeah I think maybe ill text him and tell him we need to talk in person. Does that sound like a good idea or not? Or should I just wait it out?
    FURRETZ's Avatar
    FURRETZ Posts: 8, Reputation: 0
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    Feb 5, 2008, 06:28 AM
    I have a suggestion... go back and re-read the first 2 posts!
    Texting is impersonal... if you want to talk to him, CALL HIM DIRECTLY!
    Better yet, ignore him totally! If he really wants you, he will get in touch with you!! If you don't hear from him then he wasn't worth talking to anyway!!

    If I were you, but I'm not...
    I would find someone else.. this guy plays too many head games!
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    peaceom Posts: 41, Reputation: 3
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    Feb 6, 2008, 01:23 PM
    Thanks guys! I really appreciate yalls help. Ill give that a try, and if anything good turns out of it ill post and let you know.
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    love is abby Posts: 114, Reputation: 2
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    Feb 6, 2008, 02:26 PM
    well he may not feel the same way as you do about him, but he doesn't just want to break you out of the picture like that. Get a friend to talk to him to see what's up =]
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    FURRETZ Posts: 8, Reputation: 0
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    Feb 6, 2008, 03:51 PM
    Definitely do not get anyone else involved in your situation! You need to be the mature adult in this situation. If you get a friend to talk to him, his ego will get bigger. HAVE A HEART TO HEART with him and just tell him the way you feel... if nothing else, you end up being the bigger and better person to taking the situation by the proverbial horns...

    Having a friend talk to him sounds like soemthing I did in high school.. I don't mean to insult anyone & I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings... it was not intentional!
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    talaniman Posts: 53,857, Reputation: 10852

    Feb 6, 2008, 04:36 PM
    Stop the texting! Use the phone and talk face to face a lot more.
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    peaceom Posts: 41, Reputation: 3
    Junior Member

    Feb 7, 2008, 01:24 PM
    I think I've decided to just forget about him. If he wants me, he'll come right? I hate to do that but I'm worrying way too much about this. I mean I even resorted to posting a help topic! I appreciate all yalls help its made me realize that me going through this isn't worth it. I should be out having a good time and not worrying about this and maybe when the times right he will come? At least I hope so.
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    mwilliams15 Posts: 172, Reputation: 24
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    Feb 7, 2008, 09:03 PM
    Sounds like this guy is just playing with your emotions- very immature. Find a real guy who doesn't act that way. This guy will do this to you all the time if you keep playing into his games. Don't give him the satisfaction of doing this to you. I say break it off before it gets serious and you end up really hurt.

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