Okay, i like this guy named chris...alot. We are both 13.My friend Tiffany doesn't want me to date him at all. Tiffany is 15!They recently broke up with each other and i really like him and she knows i do. He loves me also. Everybody is telling me to do it and i want to but tiffany said she wont be my friend if i do. She already has another boyfriend named Max tht she loves.
I really like Chris and he likes me. Yesterday he asked me out and i said i dunno cause tiffany would get mad. but he still wants to and so do i. Tiffany knows how i feel about him and she told me to choose and i told her i had to think. she said that the moment i say yes to him me and tiffany and chris and tiffany will never be friends again!! When they were going out, chris put up with alot of crap from her so i no we'll be together for a long time cause im not like her. our friendship means kindof alot and she knows how i feel but she doesnt care. If me and chris broke up we'd still be friends. Tiffany Was also debating on making my life a living hell if i went out with him as in spreading rumors and such. I could always switch to chris's school my mom even said so but i'd be leaving my friends. by everything she's saying i can tell tht shes not tht gr8 of a friend. Also shes very controlling and bossy which is another reason y im leaning toward the fact of dating chris. I need help on who i need to choose cause my mom wont help me lol. Tiff's mom even said i wouldnt be allowed to her house agin if i did! i think hes worth it but im still confused!!!
WHO SHOULD I CHOOSE?? HELP!!! :confused: