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    She is 12, he is 15(?) and are active...

    Asked Feb 5, 2006, 11:40 PM 1 Answer
    While throwing away my "junk mail" yesterday I stood in front of the dumpster and heard some noise behind it. I went about my business as if not noticed. They realized they were caught and began to cloth them self's. I called my mgr. of the apts. And said what I believe to be the actions of the noises I heard. After "we" walked the property we found a neighbor, from the next building, looking for her daughter who is 12 years old. After saying what I witnessed, she was very taken by the facts. This boy she is seeing is not allowed on the property for reasons of, 1. drawing on the building 2. Vulgar, profound language 3. Threats to the residents, and complete disrespect towards ALL persons of/on the property.

    Q: What can the mother do put a stop to this?

    Q: Is there a law in California that help her?

    She does not have access to a computer and asked me to search for answers. If anybody can help, please do.

    PS: knowing what I know about this boy, he is doing it for "bragging" purpose and will not make time to enjoy with her. He only comes around for sex then he is gone till?

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    Feb 6, 2006, 12:49 AM
    They are having sex and she is only 12?

    If this boy is 3 yrs or older (to the date), call the cops as California Age of Sexual consent is 18 (and under 18, they have to be within 3 yrs of each other). So if she is 12yrs 2 month and he is 15yrs 3 months, he can go to jail for statutory rape.

    Another possibility is to get a restraining order against this boy.

    And you laughed at a 12 yr girl having sex?
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