Hi, I just turned 15 last month, and well...

The furthest I have been with a girl is a hug... :(
Is this wrong at my age? Im not scared of girls at all... (eww girl germs lol j/k) apart from the fact I find it so hard to tell a girl I like them, but that's not the problem.
I have never kissed a girl, I have never slept with a girl (not that I plan to as I'm lol) and I'm not trying to sound self loving, but I'm not I'm not ugly? (maybe wrong word to use)

I think part of the problem, is I changed towns just as I was going through the whole liking girls part in my life. My old primary school, from what I remember, girls and boys didn't date or anything like that at the age I was when I was there. Then 1 month later, my first day at my new primary school, a girl asked me out, and it was completely new, and people had already been kissing each other and what not, at my age, at my new school...

Also, I want the "first kiss" to be one that I can remember, you know, something special, so maybe I'm saving it for someone special? I don't know..

You might have to read this a few times to understand what I'm trying to say, because I don't know how to word it correctly, but my point is... Is it normal to not have kissed a girl at 15?:o