My mom nevers shut up. She repeats everything and reminds me about everything. Also, my dad eats with his mouth open cause he's old and I have to hear it because my computer is near the dining room, actually basically in probably. Also, my big brother laughs upstairs at his anime.. My twin brother never shuts up and does something or says something that causes my mom to talk.

Also, my family cooks a lot, and the smell of Cuban food (I'm used to it and now I find it nausiating.. ) annoys me so. I don't like having to sit around smelling something all day. I feel that the smell might make me fat or something. Even though it won't.. will it?

Sometimes I get so annoyed that my hear beats fast and I.. I don't know. I growl and make my face mad because I'm trying to let my dad know that he's annoying me and.. Just help me deal with this because I can't stop them.

I'm 13 by the way.