Okay, first off if your just going to call me a slut a whore or anything else rude and mean just get the fckk off. Please and thank you. People wonder why tens today are fckked up and fckking up, because *******s make them that way.

For those of you deciding not to judge, thank you, it means a lot. Here goes,
Me and my friend have been besties since like 7th grade, were in 11th now. In 9th grade she switched schools, but we still saw each other a lot. The summer before 9th grade (9th grade she was switching schools, we had a little party. It was her, me, my sister, two other girls and two guys. My sister, my friend, and I all thought one of the guys was insanely hott. Everyone left at the end of the party except me, my sister, and my friend. All three of us were textin the hott guy. He ended up asking out my sister, but she was already taken, then he asked out me. My friends ex and I had kissed (because he's a nasty *** player) and I was going to be dating someone else and I owed it to her so I said no but my friend really likes you. They ended up dating and after about 2 months she lost it to him. They dated around two years. This last summer him and I started to develop feelings for each other and when me my friend and her boyfriend were at her house this summer, we all ended up intoxicated and she fell asleep after a horrible suicide attempt over the phone by my boyfriend. While she was sleeping her boyfriend and I went on a walk and ended up kissing. Within the next few days we hooked up a few times and had sex. He didn't want me to tell her because "It'd hurt her" "It'd ruin their relationship" "He still loved her" "It would ruin the friendships between us three" and so on. After about a week we broke it off and he broke up with her. A few days later he starts dating one of her other friends without her knowing. That was in maybe August and when I told her it was a few days after Christmas. Before I told her she had found out that he had cheated on her with his current girlfriend and that they're dating. When I told her, (sadly it was over text because my parents wouldn't let me hang out with her because they found out that me and her boyfriend had sex)all she said was "Thanks for tellin me lol. But I dont want anything to do with him anymore" I asked if she was mad, and she said no. The next few days she would text back and then it all stopped. I recently found out he cheated on her with multiple girls. Ive apologized multiple times, Ive told her id willingly let her punch me in the face (she replied too that with "Lol i might punch you in the boob hahh. but its okay just forget it") I cry almost every night her new best friend publicly called me a slut twice on FB. Will she ever forgive me.. Please just someone give me advice. Give me a reason to look forward to waking up in the morning..