I'm 16 years old and the guy I love is 17. We've been friends for a bit and we "talked" for a while. I am his first love and the only girl he has ever said I love you too. He is the first guy I've truly loved and would do anything for. We talked on and off because I didn't know what I really wanted. But I realized it was him and we dated and we told each other EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and were totally comfortable around each other. But since then, I got grounded for a long time, like a veryyyyyyy long time. And he still wanted to date me though. But he decided it was too hard. I agreed. But even after we broke up, he told me how I was his first love, and only love and could see me in his future. We even talked about kids. He is now dating this girl who he has liked since freshmen year ( we are juniors now) but when I came along, he didn't talk to her anymore, because he was all "me". When we dated, I told him he could go to our spree dance with her because she asked him before. They didn't do anything, but there were still feelings. I love him with all my heart and he has changed me for the better, and I have changed him for good too. I want to be his friend, but it makes it so hard because I love him so much and I want to be with him. Should I just be his friend, and feel that hurt, or let it go and not talk to him anymore? And I don't know what to tell him.